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Curtis F. Burnam Papers


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Curtis F. Burnam Papers, 1803-1942 | Eastern Kentucky University - Special Collections and Archives

By Kyle Beeler

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Collection Overview

Title: Curtis F. Burnam Papers, 1803-1942Add to your cart.View associated digital content.

Predominant Dates:1860-1880

Extent: 1.13 Cubic Feet

Date Acquired: 04/27/1967

Subjects: Central University (Richmond, Ky.)--History., Civil War, 1861-1865., Clay, Cassius Marcellus, 1810-1903., Kentucky--History--Civil War, 1861-1865., Kentucky--History., Kentucky--Politics and government., Madison County (Ky.)--History., Politics, Practical, Slavery - Kentucky

Languages: English, Latin

Scope and Contents of the Materials

Curtis Field Burnam was a well-respected lawyer, judge, and statesman from Richmond, KY. He was a refined orator, as well, and numerous items in the collection are copies of addresses and orations which he presented to a variety of audiences. Much of the material has to do with the Civil War in Kentucky and in general. Many aspects of the Civil War, such as secession, abolition, and slavery, are reflected in the collection via newspaper articles, correspondence, and addresses.

His daughter, Lucia Burnam, also has material in the collection such as her personal diary, passport, and a memoir in which she recounts the events surrounding the Battle of Richmond.

Collection Historical Note

CURTIS F. BURNAM was born May 24, 1820 in Richmond, Kentucky. He was the son of Thompson Burnam and Lucinda Field. The subject of this narrative was prepared for college at the Madison Seminary. He entered Yale College in January, 1837, and graduated with the highest honors of his class in 1840. Immediately upon his return home he began the study of law with Judge Daniel Breck, which he continued for one year. He was admitted to the bar after graduating from the law department of Transylvania University in 1842. He served as a member of both houses of legislature and also as a member of the constitutional convention of 1890. He was the first assistant and at times acting Secretary of the United States Treasury during Gen. Grant's second term as President. He married Miss Sara Rollins, daughter of A. W. Rollins, in 1845. Mr. Burnam, died March 19, 1909 and was buried in the Richmond Cemetery.

Subject/Index Terms

Central University (Richmond, Ky.)--History.
Civil War, 1861-1865.
Clay, Cassius Marcellus, 1810-1903.
Kentucky--History--Civil War, 1861-1865.
Kentucky--Politics and government.
Madison County (Ky.)--History.
Politics, Practical
Slavery - Kentucky

Administrative Information

Repository: Eastern Kentucky University - Special Collections and Archives

Acquisition Source: Bennett, Esther S.

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Box 1Add to your cart.
Barcode: 31234014045239
Folder 1: A.R. Burnam Personal Letters, 1889-1892Add to your cart.
This bound volume is copies of correspondence from A.R. Burnam that deal mainly with political appointments and issues. The letters are written by Burnam to other people such as statesmen, lawyers, and personal friends. There are a number of letters discussing the sale of land. The paper within the book is very thin and delicate, and over half of them are blank. Some of the copies are very difficult to read as they have faded or did not copy well.
Folder 2: Correspondence to Curtis Field Burnam, 1840-1908Add to your cart.
Most of the letters contained within this folder are from friends and colleagues. The majority deal with political issues happening in Kentucky and abroad, but others simply contain personal messages from friends. There are a number of letters which thank Burnam for providing an oration at their event, and others wish to obtain the right to publish such orations. Within the folder are also some correspondence from fellow Masons and old fraternity brothers.
Folder 3: Correspondence from Curtis Field Burnam, 1837-1907Add to your cart.
Most of the letters within this folder were sent to friends and colleagues. One of the letters is addressed to his daughter, Sally, and there is a letter written to future president W.H. Taft dated in 1908. There is political content in every letter along with discussion on a variety of political events, but the rest of it is general correspondence.
Folder 4: Curtis Field Burnam to Sara Rollins, 1844Add to your cart.
This letter was written by Curtis to his future wife Sara while she was away from Richmond. In it he asks why she had not written him recently and why the letters that she did write were so brief. He describes the local events of the time, and he also talks about a young lady who has caught his attention in one way or another. He wishes her a good winter, and then he closes the letter. There is a transcribed copy of the letter within the folder as well as the original manuscript.
Folder 5: Curtis Field Burnam to President Johnson, 1865Add to your cart.
This letter to President Johnson is a complaint on the behalf of Burnam because his son, A.R. Burnam, was supposedly granted a spot in the United States Military Academy at West Point by President Lincoln before his death, but the paper which held the authorization has been lost. Burnam is upset that his son no longer has a chance to attend West Point, and he seeks to place the blame for the loss of the paper on someone who works in the office of General Delafield.
Folder 6: Correspondence to Sara Burnam, 1900Add to your cart.
One of the letters in this folder gives thanks to the Burnam family for their condolences after the loss of a loved one. The other asks forgiveness for a late response to a previous letter, and the author also invites the Burnams to her residence in New York to repay an act of hospitality.
Folder 7: Correspondence to Thompson Burnam, 1840-1859Add to your cart.
The letters within this folder are general correspondence from associates of Burnam. One of the letters assures him that his son, Curtis, is doing well after leaving Richmond. Another letter talks about a legal matter, and it presents the next steps of action for Burnam to take.
Folder 8: Correspondence From A.W. Rollins, 1830Add to your cart.
This letter was written to William Rodes, and it is general correspondence with a  bit of business added to it. Later in the letter, Burnam asks William to purchase a black silk dress for his mother and give it to her as a gift from Burnam.
Folder 9: Correspondence to Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Rollins Burnam, 1919Add to your cart.
These letters were written to A.R. Burnam Jr. and his wife upon the death of A.R. Burnam Sr. The letters offer condolences and kind words about the deceased.
Folder 10: Edwin Stanton to President Johnson, 1865Add to your cart.
This letter discusses a controversy pertaining to A.R. Burnam's appointment to West Point. It says that the assertions made by Curtis Burnam about General Delafield's incompetence are false, and A.R. Burnam was denied a cadetship for good and sufficient reason.
Folder 11: Correspondence to Abraham Lincoln, 1862Add to your cart.
This folder contains letters written by many people who wished to show their support for having Curtis Burnam appointed to a position in the U.S. Court of Claims.
Folder 12: Correspondence to President Rutherford B. Hayes, 1877-1880Add to your cart.
All of the letters within this folder were created to endorse C.F. Burnam as a candidate for District Court judgeship.
Folder 13: Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1852-1942Add to your cart.
The correspondence within this folder only references Curtis Burnam. A couple of the letters are about a land dispute in which Burnam was involved, one was written to Chester Arthur, future president of the United States, asking him to welcome Burnam to New York as he visits, and others are written after Burnam's death. The subjects of the post-mortem letters are about Yale football and family upbringing as well as a little about the onset of World War II.
Folder 14: Curtis Field Burnam Political Career MemorandumAdd to your cart.
Contains a listing of all the offices held by Curtis F. Burnam along with dates, a numbered list of the positions, and a brief description of each.
Folder 15: Occupational Authorization, 1876Add to your cart.
This folder contains an item which permitted Burnam to sign any and all papers in place of the Secretary of the Treasury should the need arise for him to do so.
Folder 16: Authorization by U.S. Grant, 1875Add to your cart.
This is a formal authorization which allows Burnam to perform the duties associated with the US Secretary of the Treasury.
Folder 17: Richmond Cemetery Dedication Address, 1856Add to your cart.View associated digital content.
This folder contains a 16 page booklet that has the address presented by C.F. Burnam in regard to the dedication of the Richmond cemetery.
Folder 18: Anthony W. Rollins Will, 1843Add to your cart.
This folder contains the will for Anthony Rollins. Among some of the items discussed within the will are slaves, land, money, furniture, and $10,000 which Rollins willed to the children of Boone County in hopes that it would assist them in becoming better educated.
Folder 19: Berea College Constitution, 1897Add to your cart.
This folder contains the constitution and by-laws of Berea College.
Folder 20: Central University Commencement Program, 1876Add to your cart.
Graduation program for Central University.
Folder 21: Yale University Library Certificate of Appreciation, 1895Add to your cart.
This folder contains a certificate of appreciation to Burnam for furnishing the Yale Library with two books which are listed on the certificate.
Folder 22: Financial Papers, 1822-1907Add to your cart.
This folder contains a receipt for purchase of stock in a bank by Thompson Burnam, a receipt for payment of a phone bill by Curtis Field Burnam, and documents related to the purchase of plots in a cemetery for the Burnam family.
Folder 23: Checks Written by W.S. Moberly, 1929Add to your cart.
The checks enclosed reflect the amount of purchase, reason for purchase, and recipient of funds.
Folder 24: Miscellaneous Bank Notes/Receipts, 1902-1906Add to your cart.
Contains few items pertaining to loans and payments.
Folder 25: Land Documents, 1895-1932Add to your cart.
This folder contains four land deeds, and multiple deeds are for the same plot of land.
Folder 26: Newspaper Articles, 1864-1908Add to your cart.
This folder contains advertisements for services and products, a poem, an interview with General Sherman about General Buell, political articles, and a death notice.
Folder 27: Programs, 1876-1907Add to your cart.
This folder contains numerous invitations and programs for events. There is a rather large book-like pamphlet that commemorates the centennial of the Louisiana Purchase, a pamphlet for a dinner to be hosted in C.F. Burnam's honor, and pamphlets for a variety of other events/gatherings.
Folder 28: Miscellaneous Flyers/Pamphlets, 1880-1907Add to your cart.
These pamphlets include a burial notice, a wedding invitation, invitations to various events, and a couple items pertaining to bankruptcy.
Folder 29: PicturesAdd to your cart.
Within the folder is a rather random collection of pictures. None of them are dated, and some were just cut out of a book or magazine. There is a picture of William Jennings Bryan, a picture of a landscape, pictures of men who operate a publishing company, and others that cannot be identified.
Folder 30: Ephemera, 1876-1896Add to your cart.
Contains a tourist information card for Rawley Springs, VA, a ticket for admission to the Central Kentucky Fair, a card of thanks from President McKinley, and various business cards. Also included is a pink ribbon that only says, "Vice-President."
Folder 31: Curtis Field Burnam Scrapbook #1, 1889-1907Add to your cart.
Page 1: TLS Wm. Goodell Frost of Berea College, 12 Nov 1906 Page 2: Certificate from The Lincoln Farm Association, 7 Sep 1907 Page 3: TLS F.E. Pierce of The Lincoln Farm Association, 7 Sep 1907 Page 4: TLS A.G. Wilkinson of the U.S. Patent Office, 6 Sep 1905 Page 5: News Clippings about a Richmond, Kentucky song and about C.F. Burnam retiring from the Senate, n.d. Page 6: TLS Thomas L. Walker of the Fayette County Republican Executive Committee, 19 Aug 1907 Page 7: Print of the Kentucky Building at the World's Fair, 1904 Page 8-9: News Clipping about the Democratic National Convention, talks about allowing Black people to vote, n.d. Page 10: TLS Ben LaBree of the Geo. G. Fetter Company, 7 May 1906 Page 11: ALS J.A.R. Rogers of Todd Seminary for Boys, 6 Sep 1905 Page 12: Print of the members of the Senate of the General Assembly of Kentucky, 1906 Page 13: ALS Wm Roberts, 7 May 1906 and news clipping both about Senator Johnson's Concealed Weapon Bill, 1906. Page 14: ALS Neil Cumball [?], 16 Jun 1889 and a DS J. C. W Beckham, Proclamation by the Governor regarding a new capital building, 4 Jan 1905. Page 15: ALS Ida M. Moberley, 27 May n.y. Page 16: TLS William Goodell Frost of Berea College, 23 May 1905 and a printed version of Burnam's speech, 6 Jun 1905 Page 17: ALS William P. Thorne, Lieutenant Governor of Kentucky, n.d. Page 18: ALS Fred Weblen, House of the Temple of the Supreme Council (Knights Templar), 24 Jun 1905 and news clipping about Madison County's state legislator, n.d. Page 19: TLS Hugh McLellan 11 Dec 1906 Page 20: News clippings about Senator John D. Harris, Knights Templar, and the Woman's Club, n.d. Page 21: Memorial poem by Albert Pike, 1 Jan 1901 Page 22: Photograph of Joseph H Choate, n.d. Page 23: News clipping Knights Templar meeting of the Grand Commandery, n.d. Page 24: Brochure on the Parish church of Wrexhan, n.d. Page 25: Print of James Lane Allen, n.d. Page 26: Print of Thomas Jefferson and Napoleon Bonaparte, n.d. Page 27: Print of Eli Whitney, n.d. Page 28: ALS O. E Hannah of Knights Templar, 8 Jun 1905 Page 29: Print Festival Hall and Cascades of Louisiana Purchase Exposition Company, 1903 Page 30: ALS E.H Burnam, 22 May 1905 Page 31: News clipping memorial of Rev. Dr. James M. Hoppin, 11 Dec 1906 Page 32: News clipping about the history of Madison County, n.d. Page 33: ALS John M Burnam, 23 May 1905 and news clipping about the possible Republican nomination of Curtis F. Burnam for the United States Senate, n.d. Page 34: Circular on Curtis F. Burnam's nomination for the office of senator, n.d. Page 35: News clipping on the history of Kentucky's pioneers, n.d. Page 36: News clipping of Sarah Rollins Burnam's obituary, n.d. and news clipping obituary of Sarah Rollins Burnam Page 37: ALS E.C. Ward, Senator of Henderson and Union counties, condolences to Curtis F. Burnam on the death of his wife, 16 May 1904 Page 38: News clipping honoring the accomplishments of Curtis F. Burnam, n.d., news clipping about the addition of Major C.F. Burnam's portrait to the Circuit Court-room, n.d., news clipping announcing the birthday of Major C.F. Burnam , n.d., and DS detailing the request and placement of C.F. Burnam's portrait, 4 May 1907 Page 39: News clipping memorial of Sarah Rollins Burnam, n.d., news clipping detailing the adjournment of the Court of Appeals in respect for Mrs. C.F. Burnam, n.d., and news clipping memorial of Sarah Rollins Burnam's death, n.d. Page 40: ALS William Goodell Frost, 1 Feb 1904 Page 41: News clipping by Joseph M. Rogers, n.d. and news clipping detailing Major Curtis F. Burnam's visit to Louisville, n.d. Page 42: ALS J. A. R Rogers of Todd Seminary for Boys, 24 March 1904 Page 43: William P. Chorine, Lieutenant Governor of Kentucky, 14 Mar 1904 and TLS James K. Patterson, President of State College, 22 Mar 1904 Page 44: TLS Matt O'Doherty of Counselors at Law, n.d., ALS J.A.R Rogers, n.d., news clipping of Major Burnam's endorsement, 26 Apr 1904 Page 45: DS election of Curtis F. Burnam, 16 Nov 1903 Page 46: News clipping detailing the re-nomination of Major C. F. Burnam for State Senate, n.d. and TLS William Goodell Frost, 16 Oct 1903. Page 47: Print of Hon. Henry Booth, LL.D, First Dean of School, 1841 Page 48: ALS A. H. Tyne 11 Feb 1903 Page 49: News clipping supporting the building a college for young boys in Richmond, n.d. Page 50: News clipping detailing how minors have been swindling merchants out of goods, n.d. and MS Yale Bicentennial Songs, 22 Oct 1901 Page 51: News clipping memorial for Stanton Burnam Hume, 9 Jul 1902 and news clipping of favorite poem, n.d. Page 52: TLS Augustus E. Willson, attorney, 17 Jun 1907 Page 53: TLS D.W. Lindsey, Attorney and Counselor at Law, letter informing Hon. Curtis F. Burnam of his nomination for the Senate, 19 Sep 1899 Page 54: TLS C.W. Miller Attorney, 18 Nov 1899 Page 55: News clipping endorsement of A.R. Burnam for judge, n.d. and news clipping detailing the Republican State Central Committee selection of A.R. Burnam's for judge, n.d. Page 56: Invitation to Curtis F. Burnam for the 200th anniversary of the founding of Yale, n.d. Page 57: News clipping on the convention (Republican Senate convention) held in Richmond, n.d. Page 58: News clipping detailing the votes of each candidate in Madison County, 5 November 1895, news clipping detailing the Republican Party's win in Madison County, n.d. and news clipping providing background information on Republican Representative Hon. E. Tutt Burnam, n.d. Page 59: News clipping comparing the official votes of Madison County during the 1896 election to the vote for president in 1892 and governor (in 1893), n.d., news clipping about Hon. E. Tutt Burnam running for Speaker of the Kentucky Legislature, n.d., and news clipping about Hon. E. Tutt Burnam drawing two salaries and Secretary of State Finley also over drawing his salary, n.d. Page 60: News clipping about the Knights Templar visit to the city of Richmond, n.d.
Box 2Add to your cart.
Barcode: 31234014045114
Folder 1: Curtis Field Burnam Scrapbook #1, 1890-1908Add to your cart.View associated digital content.
This portion of the first scrapbook contains pages 60-127. It contains newspaper articles regarding political, notable figures like Cassius M Clay, local, national, and personal events of C.F. Burnam such as his appointment to the US Treasury. There are numerous articles highlighting the events associated with the Beecher trial as well as the 50th anniversary of Curtis Burnam and his wife. There is a page from a book outlining the history of the Field family, a small booklet titled "Memories of Yale Life and Men", and a clipping from a newspaper which presents Native American residence figures by state. Also included is a copy of a letter from William McKinley to Burnam dated 6 July 1896. The original letter is located in the fire-proof cabinet in Drawer 1, Folder 35. Also included is a letter from Ruric N. Roark in which he talks about the beginnings of Eastern.
Folder 2: Curtis Field Burnam Scrapbook #2, 1875-1877Add to your cart.
This portion of the second scrapbook contains pages 3-44. Among the contents is an authorization to act as secretary of the treasury, bond redemption information for 1876, correspondence on governmental issues regarding the treasury and other departments, other correspondence from friends and colleagues, invitations to political functions, business cards of people whom Burnam presumably met at said functions, Knights Templar correspondence and information cards, invitations and a program for the National University commencement of 1876, invitation to an event at Columbian University, poetry, and newspaper articles about Yale College, local events, and political races. Each entry is separated by tissue paper for protection.
Folder 3: Curtis Field Burnam Scrapbook #2, 1851-1892Add to your cart.
This portion of the second scrapbook contains pages 45-103. It contains correspondence from statesman, educators, and friends spanning a variety of topics. Most of the topics included reference political issues in the nation as well as Kentucky, and there are others that are merely personal greetings. A handwritten summary of positions held by Curtis Burnam, poetry clips from the newspaper, invitations to commencement exercises at Georgetown University and the University of Louisville law dept., an invitation and ticket to a reception in Louisville for President and Mrs. Rutherford B. Hayes, a wedding announcement for Curtis's son Thompson, national census totals from 1880 along with national debt totals of the same year, and an advertisement for a book about Yale College's history are among the contents within the portion. Each entry is separated by tissue paper for protection.
Folder 4: Curtis Field Burnam Scrapbook #2, 1862-1907Add to your cart.
This portion of the second scrapbook contains pages 104-145. Within this portion there are various pictures of prominent judicial figures of the time, correspondence from personal acquaintances and friends as well as political figures and others, a certificate of membership to the Filson Club and the American Institute of Civics, Yale College memorabilia and news clippings, a copy of a photograph of Abraham Lincoln given to Cassius M Clay, and an invitation to attend a reception of General and Mrs. U.S. Grant in Louisville. In addition, there are numerous copies of letters that were sent to President Lincoln in 1862-1863 which endorsed C.F. Burnam as a prime candidate for the US Court of Appeals. There is also a letter addressed to Burnam written, and signed, by Don Carlos Buell. Each entry is separated by tissue paper for protection.
Folder 5: Curtis Field Burnam Scrapbook #2, 1803-1908Add to your cart.
This portion of the second scrapbook contains pages 146-207. Included is correspondence from various friends, colleagues, and political figures of the United States, an official autograph of Lord Braugham written in 1803, a course plotting for a mail ship headed from America to Great Britain, presidential vote tallies from the election of 1908, a letter written by C.M. Clay to President Hayes endorsing C.F. Burnam for a judicial position along with numerous other letters which serve the same purpose, a couple pictures of judicial figures and politicians, and a collection of newspaper articles written by C.F. Burnam recounting his memories and the history of events, places, and people in Madison County and abroad. Each entry is separated by tissue paper for protection.
Folder 6: Loose Scrapbook Papers, 1855-1920Add to your cart.
Contains loose pages from other scrapbooks. These few pages contain newspaper articles pertaining to current political events and correspondence congratulating Burnam on a recent political victory. Also included is a picture of J.A.R. Rogers and a poem.
Folder 7: "What I Remember" by Lucia BurnamAdd to your cart.View associated digital content.
Lucia Burnam, daughter of Curtis Field Burnam, recounts her memories of the events, and those surrounding, the Battle of Richmond. She then describes what her activities were after the war. There is a transcribed copy included with the manuscript as the handwriting is very difficult to read. Even within the transcription there are gaps where illegible words were written on the original.
Box 3Add to your cart.
Barcode: 31234014045122
Folder 1: Lucia Burnam Passport, 1927-1928Add to your cart.
Passport for Lucia Burnam. Contains a photo of Lucia as well as writings and stamps from locations like France, Bombay, Egypt, Britain, and China.
Folder 2: Autograph Book, 1874-1877Add to your cart.
This autograph book belonged to George Douglass Sherley who attended Centre College in the mid 1870s. The autographs within are from college friends and instructors. Some of the pages contain rather lengthy notes to Douglass, which apparently was George's preferred name.
Folder 3: Lucia Field Burnam Diary, 1934-1936Add to your cart.
This is a small diary which was intended for short entries every day. It has 5 years worth of space, but Lucia only used up 3 of those years. The handwriting is extremely difficult to read.
Folder 4: Miscellaneous Pamphlets, 1857Add to your cart.
This is a bound volume of pamphlets, brochures, and booklets covering a wide variety of topics. Most of them are political in nature, but there are also short story entries which are unrelated to politics.
Item 1: The Military Profession in the United States and the Means of Promoting its Usefulness and Honour; An Address, 1839Add to your cart.
This is a copy of an address delivered before a certain society of cadets at West Point Military Academy.
Item 2: Destiny; A Poem, 1846Add to your cart.
This is a copy of a poem delivered before students belonging to Delta Phi by E. Delafield Smith. Before the poem begins, there are copies of four articles of correspondence. At the end of the booklet is also a notes page.
Item 3: C.F. Burnam Address, 1848Add to your cart.
This is a copy of an address delivered before Mason members of Madison Lodge No. 14. Within the Address, Burnam speaks to his fellow Masons about their past and what they stand for as an organization.
Item 4: Battle of Buena Vista, 1851Add to your cart.
This is a copy of a journal article which originally appeared in Southern Quarterly Review in 1851. It offers an abstract of the Battle of Buena Vista which took place during the Mexican-American War. It contains a lot of important names, dates, locations, and information pertinent to the battle.
Item 5: A Discourse on The Life and Character of the Hon. Francois Xavier Martin, 1847Add to your cart.
This is a rather lengthy account of Martin's life and accomplishments presented by his friend and colleague, Henry A. Bullard.
Item 6: Report of the Naval Committee to the House of Representatives, 1850Add to your cart.
This is a report in favor of the establishment of a line of mail steamships to the western coast of Africa then on to London which would serve to promote the emigration of free persons of color from the United States to Liberia, to increase the steam navy, and to extend the commerce of the United States.
Item 7: An Introductory Lecture on the Comparative State of the Profession of Medicine and of Medical Education in the United States and Europe, 1846-1847Add to your cart.
This is a lecture on the condition of medicine as a whole presented by Dr. John Revere who was a professor of medical theory and practice. The lecture was presented to students at the University of the City of New York.
Item 8: Discourse Pronounced at the Capitol of the United States in the Hall of Representatives Before the American Historical Society, 1836Add to your cart.
This is a discourse presented by the Honorable Lewis Cass, president of the American Historical Society. It examines the organizations history, provides a copy of their constitution and officers, and their past, present, and future operations as a society as well as its significance.
Item 9: Inauguration of Honorable John H. Lanthrop, LL. D. Chancellor of the University of Wisconsin, At the Capitol, 1850Add to your cart.
Contains the reasoning for installing Lathrop as well as an address that was presented at the inauguration.
Item 10: An Introductory Lecture Delivered at the Opening of the Kentucky School of Medicine, 1850Add to your cart.
This is a short explanation about what it meant to practice medicine at the time and what responsibilities come along with practicing.
Item 11: Valedictory Address of the Duties Responsibilities and Hopes of American Lawyers, 1847Add to your cart.
This address was presented to the senior class of the Transylvania law department at the close of the didactic course on February 24, 1847. The person presenting the address is George Robertson.
Item 12: An Earnest Appeal to the Free Church of Scotland on the Subjects of Its Economics, 1847Add to your cart.
This selection discusses how the church in Scotland chooses to allocate its finances and includes recommendations on how to better manage the funds to better benefit the people. The author is Reverend Thomas Chalmers, and there is an introduction by the American editor.
Item 13: An Address Delivered Before the Union Literary Society of Miami University at Its Thirteenth Annual Celebration, 1838Add to your cart.
This address discusses the United States' prosperity as result of virtuous excellence. The author also discusses what the United States does for the welfare of the international community with special emphasis on those that are naturally inferior to the American race. It asserts that it is our duty as a nation to improve and enlighten those people and to help them develop into productive states.
Item 14: An Address to the Students of Law in Transylvania University Delivered at the Beginning of the Session for 1835, 1835Add to your cart.
This address discusses law as a profession and what it takes to be successful. The author talks about the responsibilities associated with the occupation, the non-stop research and learning required to hone the skills of a lawyer, and how law is similar to a science in the way that perceptions of law change over time and evolve.
Item 15: An Address Delivered Before the American Institute of the City of New York at the Third Annual Fair Held at Masonic Hall, October 1830, 1830Add to your cart.
This address is mainly focused on how people of the earth have evolved culturally over time. It talks about what certain people's goals were and what they did to accomplish them. The document covers numerous civilizations and periods in time.
Item 16: Speech of the Honorable Henry Clay Delivered at Lexington, KY Nov. 13, 1847: And Letter of the Hon. Albert Gallatin on the Mexican War, 1847Add to your cart.
This speech is mainly concerned with the Mexican American War. Mr. Clay talks about war in general as being a terrible plague of humanity, and then he goes on to give information pertaining to the conflict with Mexico. Specific names, dates, and places are included. Also included after the speech is a piece titled "Peace With Mexico" by Albert Gallatin.
Item 17: An Address to the Members of the Union Literary Society of Miami University, Ohio, 1844Add to your cart.
This address explains the responsibilities that men of genius hold in relation to society.
Item 18: Address Before the Alumni Society of Hanover College, 1846Add to your cart.
This address examines the social, moral, and political progress and how it often conflicts with previously held opinion making it difficult to advance.
Item 19: Remarks on the Slavery Question in a Letter to Jonathan Phillips, Esq., 1839Add to your cart.
This document examines numerous arguments for, and against, slavery. It also considers the societal impacts which may occur after making a decision on whether or not to continue slavery.
Folder 5: Miscellaneous PamphletsAdd to your cart.
Item 1: South Pass Jetties, 1885Add to your cart.
This work is a discussion on a paper written by Colonel Merrill given before the American Society of Civil Engineers. Numerous maps and "charts" are included within the work.
Item 2: An Oration: Delivered on the Occasion of the Centennial Commemoration of the Battle of Blue Licks, 1882Add to your cart.
This work goes into detail naming the key players in the battle, the overview of the skirmish, and the results.
Item 3: Addresses Delivered at the Annual Banquet, Boston Merchants Association, 1889Add to your cart.
Contains numerous addresses given by attendants of the association meeting. Also includes a list of officers and information about the organization.
Item 4: Address of the Hon. Francis Wharton, LL.D., at the Annual Commencement of the Law School of The Columbian University, 1885Add to your cart.
This address emphasizes the duties and responsibilities of good lawyers.
Item 5: Catalogus Senatus Academici et eorum Qui Monera et Officia Gasserunt Quique Alicujus Gradus Laurea Donati Sunt in Collegio Centrali, Danvillae, in Republica Kentuckiensi, 1882Add to your cart.
This is a catalogue of Central University for 1882. The booklet is predominantly written in Latin.
Item 6: Report of the President of Yale University, 1889Add to your cart.
This is a report written by the President of Yale for the years of 1887-1888.
Item 7: Addresses at the Induction of Professor Timothy Dwight, as President of Yale College, 1886Add to your cart.
This contains numerous addresses which serve to congratulate the new president on his achievement. At the front of the booklet is a program for the event, there is an inaugural address by the new president, and the first address is written in Latin.
Item 8: Memorial Address Delivered in Battell Chapel, June 24th, 1890, by President Dwight, 1890Add to your cart.
This is sort of a memorial for President Woolsey of Yale.
Item 9: Improvement of the Capitol Buildings, 1888Add to your cart.
This work points out the flaws in the current capitol buildings in Frankfort and offer suggestions for improvement.
Item 10: The School Question From a Parental and Non-Sectarian Stand-Point, 1889Add to your cart.
This work examines the state of education within America and draws upon international examples as well.
Item 11: Rules of the Supreme Court of the United StatesAdd to your cart.
This document provides an overview of the rules which govern the Supreme Court and those who operate within it.
Item 12: A Red-Headed FamilyAdd to your cart.
This booklet holds the story of a man that is determined to locate a rare woodpecker with aid of a local man that knows the area very well.
Item 13: Flitters, Tatters and the CounsellorAdd to your cart.
This is a very moving short story about three homeless children in Ireland that have to struggle to survive day-to-day life.
Item 14: Shakespeariana, 1887Add to your cart.
This booklet is concerned with the works of Shakespeare and Boydell, a man that painted scenes from Shakespeare's works. It gives a list of characters and their attributes from the work "The Merchant of Venice." It provides information about different Shakespeare literary societies, and there is an overview of the play "Hamlet."
Item 15: Suggestions of Judicial Reform, 1890Add to your cart.
This piece outlines general recommendations pertaining to judicial reform.
Item 16: Sixth Biennial Musical Festival at Cincinnati, 1884Add to your cart.
This is a program for the music festival which includes a list of important people that organized the event as well as performance information.
Item 17: Planting Trees in School Grounds and the Celebration of Arbor Day, 1885Add to your cart.
This booklet contains information about planting trees and the importance of doing so. It gives historical background on Arbor Day, examines what other countries did in regard to planting trees, and facts about what trees provide for the environment. At the end of the booklet is information about different types of trees, and there are even songs related to Arbor Day.
Folder 1: Oversize, 1875Add to your cart.
Certificates appointing Curtis Field Burnam as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, both signed by U.S. Grant. (2 items)
Barcode: 31234013922107

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